“How To Talk So That People Will Listen”… (The English Lesson)

“The Seven Deadly Sins” Of Communication…
…(And How Not To Do Them)

Communication - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Communication is a brilliant (and succinct) talk about what we all can do to better communicate with each other.  It covers, not only what many people do “wrong” in their communications, but also what we can do to make sure not to fall into the trap of doing those things ourselves.

This version is for teachers who are looking for lesson material for their Upper-Intermediate & Advanced Level students.  Don’t forget to remind them about going to the TED website to download the transcript for the video and to download the video with their preferred subtitles.  And if you don’t know about how to do that.  Then you should really check it out yourself.

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