“Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart” – English Aphorism

(to) Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart

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Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

The Aphorism “Put The Horse In Front Of The Cart” – is an Idiomatic expression which can also be classified as an Interjection, A Proverb and a Saying.  Furthermore, this phrase can also be turned into a Prepositional Phrasal Verb.

It is very similar in meaning to the Idiomatic Aphorism:  (to) “Build The House From The Ground Up” – both of which mean:

To Find Out The Difference …

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Absolute Phrase – Grammar Lesson

Absolute Phrase

Absolute Phrase

An Absolute Phrase is any phrase which contains both a noun and a participle and may also contain a modifier and/or object.  The modifier may appear at the beginning of the phrase to modify the noun as well as at the end of the phrase in order to modify the participle.

(Optional) Modifier(s) + NOUN + PARTICIPLE + (Optional) Modifier(s) and/or Object or Object Phrase



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