“Today’s Tid-Bit” – (to be) Clear-Cut


(Idiomatic Phrasal-Adjectival)

Today’s “Tid-Bit”:  (to be)*Clear-Cut* (as in: a decision / an answer / some information) is an idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective which means:  Something which is very is very “clear” / understandable / simple / decisive / etc. without the possibility for the decision / answer / information to be mis-construed or mis-understood in any way.

“He made a very *clear-cut* decision.”

Clear-Cut - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

“When George made the mistake of asking The Soup Nazi for a piece of free bread to go with his soup, not only was refused the bread but The Soup Nazi  made the *clear-cut* decision to refuse George ANY kind of service.”

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“Trembling With Fear” – Phrasal Verb

Today’s “Tid-Bit” – (to be) Trembling With Fear

This is a phrasal verb which describes what happens to a person when they are so frightened or scared by something, that they are literally shaking or “trembling“.

“Trembling With Fear”

Meaning And Usage


(to be) Trembling With Fear – This is a verb phrase which describes when a person is so filled with fear that they are literally trembling, shivering, or shaking…  

“When the police asked to search the car, the suspect was *trembling with fear*.  Since it was summertime and not a cold evening, that was a clear sign to them that he was hiding something.”


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