“Would You Ever…?” – Conversational Questions

“Would You Ever…?”

Here is a list of conversation prompts that can be used in your English lessons, regarding the question “Would You Ever…?”.

Some of these questions may not be appropriate in all situations (according to many people)… but in my experience, these are usually the best questions to get people speaking.  One will have to use his or her own discretion (or lack thereof) when using these question in class.

Obviously, this is not a complete list, but feel free to use it, add to it, or print it out and take it skydiving with you before you rob a bank naked and then attempt to impersonate a police officer for the sake of obtaining a free doughnut and cup of coffee… (but you would never do that…  would you?)


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  • Would you ever adopt a child?
    • Would you ever give up your own child for adoption?
      • In what situation do you think this would be the proper thing to do?
  • Would you ever cheat on your husband/wife/partner?
  • Would you ever consider being a criminal?
    • What kind of criminal would you be?
  • Would you ever consider being a farmer?
  • Would you ever consider receiving plastic surgery?
  • Would you ever get hair implants if you started loosing your hair?
  • Would you ever get hair removal?
  • Would you ever go bungee jumping?
  • Would you ever go skydiving?
  • Would you ever consider doing a porno movie?
  • Would you ever defy your boss if he/she asked you to do something that you didn’t agree with?
  • Would you ever donate a kidney or other organ to save a family member or friend’s life
    • If yes, would you ever do the same thing for a stranger?
  • Would you ever donate blood?
  • Would you ever eat raw meat?
  • Would you ever cut off a limb (arm/leg) to save your own life?
  • Would you ever kill another person to save your own life?
  • Would you ever kill another person to save someone else’s life?
  • Would you ever give money to charity?
  • Would you ever give money to a beggar?
  • Would you ever go skinny-dipping?
  • Would you ever lie to your children?
    • In what situations do you think it is O.K. to lie to children?
  • Would you ever lie to a husband/wife/partner?
    • In what situations do you think it is O.K. to lie to them?
  • Would you ever lie to help a friend/family member/loved-one/stranger?
  • Would you ever marry someone who your parents/family/friends/society didn’t approve of?
  • Would you ever pick up a hitch-hiker?
  • Would you ever slap/punch/hit/kick another person?
    • What kind of situation would warrant this kind of action?
  • Would you ever steal from anyone?
  • Would you ever eat human flesh?
    • What kind of situation would warrant this action?
  • Would you ever divorce or break-up with a partner if your favorite celebrity wanted to be with you?
  • Would you ever divorce or break-up with a partner for a huge sum of money?
    • How much money would it take?
  • Would you ever kiss a complete stranger?
  • Would you ever “drop-out” of society?
  • Would you ever donate your sperm/eggs?
  • If you or your partner was not able to conceive a child, and you wanted to have children, would you consider using another person’s sperm/eggs?
  • Would you ever sell your sperm/eggs?
  • Would you ever impersonate another person to obtain something that you wanted?

This is, by no means, a complete list…

The items on this list are a combination of ideas compiled from many sources, including my own personal experience and inspiration. These are basic questions that anyone with enough time and brainpower can think of.

Therefore, I do not claim ownership of these ideas, nor do I believe that anyone else can either. I merely took the time to compile, arrange, and present the information.

If this list looks similar to any others on the internet or in a text-book, it is because these are good ideas for a conversational class on this particular topic, and these questions can be found in numerous different places. The reason that they appear here is because I have compiled this list for my own personal use and have also made it available for anyone else who may find it useful in their studies or teaching practice.

Information used for educational purposes should be free for ALL, for the sake of education, and the overall advancement of Human-Kind. It is in this same light, that I invite anyone who wishes – to copy, cut, paste, and otherwise use this page for their own educational or instructional needs…

…There is nothing new under The Sun…

(None can claim ownership… All are rightful heirs to knowledge.)

Have An Excellent Day!


A Good Idea For Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters To Get Them All Talking

In my teaching career, I have not had a lot of experience teaching children.  It thought it would be great.  Mostly because I kind of still am one.Conversation - theTOEFLblog

I love kids, but I didn’t do too well as a teacher of them…  I’m better as the crazy “uncle” (meaning the good friend of their dad.)

However, while skimming through an article sent to me by BusyTeacher, I noticed this little gem below:

(Copied from the original article)

Strange Conversation Starters

This activity is more like a warm-up, but could be done extensively as well.  This activity can be frontal and cooperative too.

Prepare some strange conversation starters and give one to a student who should start a conversation with it…

The more surprising the starter is the better.  Here are some examples:

  • Excuse me, but what’s your car doing in my pool?
  • Congratulations! I heard you hit the lottery jackpot!
  • Wow! It’s your baby? She’s very cute.

via Monster University, The Curious Alien, And 3 Other Brilliant Communicative Activities Your Students Will Love.

(end of the copy)

It was the first example that got my attention, as I often try to convince my students that I’m actually a bit crazy (something that is not too difficult) – so I would probably add a number of others, more similar to that.  And, as I teach adults, maybe the “Baby” example isn’t the best, but I can see how it would get a great laugh from children.

 “Sharing Is Caring”

At least that’s how the old saying goes (probably not a good idea with head-lice.)  But I thought I would pass on this little nugget of helpful classroom “fun-making” to anyone else who might find the suggestion above useful.

As the author says, “it can be done extensively as well…”

…I guess that means, you can use your imagination and do whatever the heck you want with it (always a welcome idea in my mind.)

I’m not really sure what the author means by saying, that it can be “frontal”.  And when the author says that it can be “cooperative”, I’m guessing that means the other person in the conversation gets to speak too…

I don’t know, I imagine that those are bits of “Teacher Jargon” (something I tend to shy away from) but I really like the idea so I’m happy to “share the love” and I hope that you will do the same.

Have An Excellent Day!