Aphorism: “Build The House From The Ground Up”

(to) “Build The House From The Ground Up”

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This is a common Idiomatic Phrase in The English Language, used as a piece of advice.  To find out its meaning and proper usage…


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“Today’s Tid-Bit” – (to) Ask For It

(To) Ask For It…

(Idiomatic Verb Phrase)

“Well…  You asked for it.”


“(To) Ask for it” is a phrase which means:  Some person has caused (“asked for”) whatever condition he or she is now experiencing (“it”) as a result of his or her actions previously.

For a more full explanation with lots of examples…


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(to) “Pop Up” vs (a) “Pop-Up” – Tid-Bit

(to) “Pop Up” vs (a) “Pop-Up”

(Idiomatic Prepositional Phrasal-Verb & Phrasal-Noun)

Popping Up - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This Particular Tid-Bit is from the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – Lexis Portal and expanded here for Your English Learning Experience, and for the sake of The Proliferation Of Awesomeness, World-Wide…  which is, in fact, The Prime Objective of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!)  😉

(to) “Pop Up” vs (a) “Pop-Up”

Error Subscribe - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(not a real “Pop-Up”)


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To ” Have The Makings Of Something ” – Idiomatic Adjectival Verb-Phrase

To Have The Makings Of...

(to) ” Have The Makings Of ” (Something)

Today’s “Tid-Bit” is an Idiomatic Adjectival Verb-Phrase (I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing…) which comes to us from the the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! Lexis Portal.

(to) Have The Makings Of (something)…

Read On The Find Out

The Meaning and Usage of This Phrase

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“Agree” vs “Agree With”

Agree vs Agree With

There is no difference in the meaning between these two.  For, in order to “Agree”, it is necessary to do it “With” another.  Therefore, the only difference is in the usage.

Read More To Find Out How!

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“Trembling With Fear” – Phrasal Verb

Today’s “Tid-Bit” – (to be) Trembling With Fear

This is a phrasal verb which describes what happens to a person when they are so frightened or scared by something, that they are literally shaking or “trembling“.

“Trembling With Fear”

Meaning And Usage


(to be) Trembling With Fear – This is a verb phrase which describes when a person is so filled with fear that they are literally trembling, shivering, or shaking…  

“When the police asked to search the car, the suspect was *trembling with fear*.  Since it was summertime and not a cold evening, that was a clear sign to them that he was hiding something.”


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