Frequently Asked TOEFL Question #2 – Vocabulary (Part 1)

Q:  Should I be studying vocabulary For The TOEFL Exam?

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A: (short version)  Well, sure!  That certainly can’t hurt your score.  In fact, if you are able to successfully implement higher-levels of vocabulary into your speaking and writing responses, this will definitely improve your score…(in most cases.)  Sometimes it will increase it by a little, and sometimes by a lot.  This can also help you with some of the questions types in The Reading Section.


A:  (more realistic version) You do not NEED to study vocabulary for The TOEFL Exam as there is no “Vocabulary Section” in the exam.  There are, however, vocabulary questions with-in The Reading Section – but the way that these questions are formulated are to test a persons ability to learn new vocabulary if they do not already know it…  Not to test the vocabulary that they already know.  (And here’s the most important part)

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“Looks” vs “Looks Like”

“Looks” vs “Looks Like”

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The difference between the use of this verb (“looks”) and the comparative phrase (“looks like”) is actually very simple.

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To See How Good ‘Ole Charlie Can Help Explain This Bit Of English Usage

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