The Extended Version Of The TOEFL iBT

Why Is There An Extended Version Of The TOEFL iBT Exam?

Today’s topic comes from an entry that I started writing in the TOEFL FAQ section of the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! TOEFL Portal.  It is about the Extended Version of the TOEFL iBT Exam, and is something which causes a lot of concern for many test-takers.

Although it sucks, there is nothing to be worried about.  The Extended version of the Exam is not any more difficult…  just dishonest and annoying on the part of the makers of the exam.

So What The Hell Is That All About?


(I Promise, No Click-Bait…  I won’t manipulate you solely for my own benefit, like the makers of the TOEFL exam do.)

Have An Excellent Day!
(and then take over The World, so you can do something about this dishonesty)