Going to the AIRPORT – key questions to ask if you are an ESL person

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This post is purely to help those people who need those quick question and answers to practice before they go off to their important situations:

Today it is about going to the airport. Look at these questions and practice them and also consider some answers:

Traveller questions:

  1. Where do I check in?
  2. Where do I put my luggage?
  3. What time do I need to be at the gate?
  4. Where is immigration?
  5. Where is the duty free shop?
  6. What time does the plane leave?
  7. Where is my seat?
  8. Where is the toilet?

Airport staff questions:

  1. Are you flying alone?
  2. Do you have any more bags?
  3. Can I have your passport?
  4. Can I see your tickets?
  5. Can I see your boarding pass?
  6. Do you need any assistance on the plane?

Practice these with a friend and see if you can make any new questions also.

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