Not only is this a good article with insights that I definitely agree with, but I will be using this article in some of my on-line coaching sessions with the various business men and woman that I speak to every week.

Thanks Aiyshah!

The FUTURE of Learning


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Makes sense right?

Well how many people these days are trying to move themselves forward while keeping their eyes on the past all the time. Where do they end up? Probably they are either not moving very fast because they are frightened they will crash, because they have to keep their eye on both places at once, or they are coming to a standstill. That’s just the law of physics.

So the reason why I have raised this point today is because I really believe that we have to see our lives (or businesses) just like we are driving a car. A good sensible driver pretty much keeps his eye on the road ahead and makes decisions based on glancing every now and then around him and in the rear vision mirror. That’s just good sensible driving.

To keep our eyes on the road ahead means…

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