The Pronunciation of the TU Combination

Pronunciation Lesson


Previously I haven’t been sharing the posts and pages from my main website GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! because that website (and all of it’s sub-domains) is focused more on the student and not on the teacher.  And I was also afraid that that would come across as too “Spammy”.  But the absurdity of that just struck me this morning.

If the tools that I give to the students there can be used by other teachers…  by you who are reading this, then why the heck haven’t I been sharing?!?!?

Silly me…

So here is the first one.

The title above is a link to the original post about the pronunciation of the “TU” combination when it sounds like the “ch” combination.

I hope that it will be helpful, and I welcome any suggestions for other subjects that can help you in your teaching experience.

Have An Excellent Day!