“Things Related To Me” Ice-Breaker

Classroom Ice-Breaker – “Things Related To Me”

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If you have been teaching for a while, then you have probably heard about this one, or something like it (although maybe not with the same name.)

In fact, since I’ve been teaching, I haven’t really come across many “new” ice-breaker activities.  They are all just regurgitated with new names and presented as original material by people on their websites…  Kind of like this… except I make no claim to originating this activity.

So why re-post it?

Well, essentially for the reason that blogs and websites come and go, and not everyone sees the same blogs and websites as everyone else.  But more than that, I post this because I have used this particular activity in nearly every new class that I’ve had, and not only does it work (for me), but it can be altered to suit both your needs as the instructor/coach/teacher and the needs of the students/learners.

So get to the point already!

(This lesson is for “in-class” lessons, and probably wouldn’t work too well in an on-line class without some sort of screen-sharing capabilities.)

  • Write or Draw approx. 5-10 things on the black-board/white-board
    • These “things” (if not drawn) can be a combination of words, names, single numbers, dates, years, etc.
  • Inform the students/learners that each thing is, somehow, directly related to you.
  • The students/learners then have to guess how theyare related to you.
    • The method of how you can decide who gets to guess is completely up to you.  You can:
      • Go in turn, around the class
      • Have the students/learners raise their hands
      • Spin a spinner, roll a dice, etc.

Things to consider:

  • Make sure that the students/learners use proper question forms (rather than just making a statement with rising intonation at the end.)
  • You may decide how to give hints.
  • You may want to do just one thing at a time and the person who guesses correctly has to put something on the board.  Then the other students/learners all get a chance to play along.  This is a great way for people to get to know each other.
    • Utilizing a method such as this is a great way to gather information to be used for a “Find Someone Who…” exercise to use in the next class.

However you wish to alter this exercise is, of course, completely up to you.  The only time that I have had any difficulty with this activity is when the students were just really really shy…  (Then I just had to act goofy and give lots of hints.)

I hope that this is helpful for you.

Have An Excellent Day!